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Information Gathering. Call Us!

Our first priority is to understand your financial needs.  Please call us so that we can discuss your current cash needs, what your structured settlement looks like and what type of a sale would make sense for you.  If you can have your paperwork with you, it will make our conversation easier.  If you can’t find it, it’s not a problem, we can still discuss your needs and help you get the information you need from your insurance company


Review Your Quote

Once we understand your cash needs and have all the information we require about your structured settlement, we will offer you a quote and explain you all the different ways you can sell your structured settlement.  Our quote will be based on a calculation of the Net Present Value (NPV) of the payments you are selling. What it means is that if you are selling 10 payments of $1,000 paid out over 10 years, our quote will be for less than $10,000 because $1 years from now is worth less than $1 today.  We will help you to understand our quote and you can change your mind about the lump sum amount that you want and we will be happy to update your quote based on your new amount.

Sign The Relevant Paperwork


Once you decide to sell your structured settlement payments to Old Bay, we will send you a package containing all the paperwork you need to sign.  Even though you own your structured settlement payments, a Maryland judge needs to approve your sale to us first.  Once you sign the paperwork in your package, we will take over and do all the heavy lifting from here.  We will keep you posted on the process, let you know the court date when you need to appear in court in front of a judge to ask for an approval of the sale and prepare you for your day in court.


Speak With An Independent Professional Advisor

As part of the process, Maryland law requires that you consult with an attorney, certified professional accountant, an actuary or any other licensed advisor concerning the legal, tax and financial implications of you selling your structured settlement payments to Old Bay. To find a lawyer, you can contact Maryland State Bar Association at or local Legal Aid.


Appear Before A Judge

You will need to appear in court and explain to judge why you want to sell your structured settlement to Old Bay.  It’s not a trial and you don’t need a lawyer to appear with you at the hearing, a judge just wants to make sure that you understand that you are selling your future payments for a one time cash payment today.  We will work with you on getting you ready for your day in court and that you have a full understanding of the process and the sale you are making.


Receive Payment

Once a judge approves your sale, all that remains is for you to get your money.  Congratulations!  You will receive the money either by direct deposit straight into your account or by check depending on what you prefer.

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